What’s Releasing this week:

• A fresh batch of Canoe Capital IPA comes back on tap Wednesday!

• Get ready for what is releasing this coming Friday: 3/29 Trail Series #11 Sabro/Citra IPA 73 IBU’s 6.4% ABV (From FRB’s Small Batch 1BBL Pilot System)

What’s Brewing this week: 

• 3/22 ESB Trail Series #8 Extra Special Bitter- ESB 5.1% ABV: 4/12 Release date.

• 3/25 Siren of the Shenandoah Hefeweizen


What is happening in the FRB Brewhouse this week?

I get asked a lot on what a normal brewhouse schedule looks like from a day to day standpoint on days that we might not be brewing. So here is some insight on what all took place last week while we were busy working hard to get our Customers some amazing beer in their glasses: 

  • We Cleaned Kegs
  • Carbonated and Kegged some Tenfold Double IPA (Now available on Tap and in Cans to go)
  • Canned some of our Rappeller Irish Red Ale and The Craic Irish Stout: Available now for $15 a 4pack 16oz cans.

    The Craic Irish Dry Stout

    Rappeller Irish Red Ale

  • Kegged some small batch Skeleton Tree Roggenbier and Cleaned Chopper (Our 1BBL Brite Tank)
  • Prepped for our ESB Extra Special Bitter Brewday by sanitizing R2D2 (One of our 1BBL Fermenter Tank), Weighed out and milled the grains, Weighed out the water salts and hops.
  • Went out to Rappahannock Cellars in Huntly, VA. and picked up two awesome 53 Gallon Port Wine Whiskey Oak Barrels from the amazing Theo Smith, Rappahannock’s Winemaker. https://www.rappahannockcellars.com/

  • We then filled those amazing barrels with our Knight of the Valley American Porter. The plan is to Age the Knight in these Port Wine Oak Barrels for a special Bomber release in the Late Fall/Early Winter.
  • We took apart all the stainless pipes that connect our HLT (Hot Liquor Tank) to our Mash Tun and Boil Kettle and did a deep cleaning, replacing all the gaskets.
  • We brewed up a small batch pilot of our Trail Series #8 Extra Special Bitter- ESB 5.1% ABV and got it into R2D2 where it’s fermenting away as you read this for a potential 4/12 release.
  • We did brewday prep for our next Brewday on the 10BBL System for brewing up the next batch of Siren of the Shenandoah Hefeweizen.
  • Sabro Hops

    Our special release this Friday: 3/29 is our Trail Series #8 Sabro/Citra IPA (From FRB’s Small Batch 1BBL Pilot System). What makes this IPA so special is the Sabro Hops. http://www.johnihaas.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/HAA_Sabro-HopSheet_041818.pdf Sabro was previously known as HBC 438. Sabro is a relatively newer hop that is starting to take the Craft Brewing Industry by storm and features a neomexicanus heritage.

Sabro is a true indigenous North American grown hop. Neomexicanus is a distinct sub-species of the hop family. It’s been growing wild in the mountains of New Mexico for the past million years.

Sabro exhibits an intoxicating and complex blend of fruity and citrus flavors. It is described as an intensely unique hop, notable for its complexity of fruity and citrus. It has a distinct tangerine, coconut, tropical fruit, and stone fruit flavor.

Sabro is a strongly expressive hop that translates its flavor well into beer and gives a versatility that lends itself to many styles, particularly hop-forward beers. It seems to be a hop variety with an incredibly unique aroma and flavor profile.

Alex Barth, CEO of John I. Haas (Whose breeding program brought back the resurgence of Sabro) states: “Aside from its wonderfully complex and unique flavor profile, we also love the fact that this new hop is more genetically diverse. If part of your heritage includes the desert and mountain environments of the Southwestern US, you have a strong survival spirit in your genes – the essence of sustainability.”

Sabro/Cirta IPA Trail Series Brew

I have chosen to pair the Sabro with Citra in what should make for an interesting and tasty IPA. I expect the Sabro to show up with a complexity of fruity and citrus flavor that is only intensified by the Citra Hops. An aroma of distinct tangerine, coconut, tropical fruit. Our standard FRB IPA backbone will provide some malt to balance. 73 IBU’s 6.4% ABV

Are there any questions that you might have about the Brewing Process or running a Brewhouse? I’d be happy to hear them and possibly answer them for you in my next post. Please feel free to email me at tarndt@frontroyalbrewing.com

Can’t wait to see you all in the Tasting room this week for a tasty beverage!


Tim Arndt, Head Brewer Front Royal Brewing Co.